Rallim is an innovative and unique modern learning environment which is a response to the current climate in the South African educational sphere as well as in the global arena. We are an independent, English medium, co-educational pre-preparatory and preparatory modern learning environment situated on the corner of Berkshire Boulevard and Deerhurst Drive in Sunningdale, along the West Coast of Cape Town, South Africa. Our surrounding areas include Milnerton, Sunset Beach, Flamingo Vlei, Table View, Parklands, Blouberg, Sunningdale, West Beach, Big Bay and Melkbosstrand.

We are very excited to announce that we have broken ground and that building is in progress with our doors opening in 2019! Rallim Modern Learning Environment will have four learning communities (classes) per grade comprising a maximum of 20 students in the pre-primary classes and 26 students in the primary classes, with set plans in place to establish our secondary faculty in a few years’ time.


Our appeal as a school will lie in our strong sense of community as well as in our innovative, progressive and vibrant campus. Our commitment to realising our students’ potential is built around providing a balanced education that addresses their intellectual, cultural, social-emotional and physical well being. As an independent school, we focus on nurturing our students and creating an environment that promotes growth on both an individual and a collective level.


At Rallim Preparatory and Pre-Preparatory, we aim to adopt a transformational high tech educational approach that we believe will serve to disrupt the current educational model that exists in South Africa by providing the following:

An education that is a drive for deeper, more personalised instruction and which is open to accelerated learning based on the students’ abilities and strengths. These will be determined through assessments upon entry into the school as well as master classes with individualised timetables designed according to the students’ cognitive development;

An education that augments traditional classifications of instruction through blended approaches with a very focused technological bias namely compulsory coding, robotics as well as virtual and augmented learning environments;

An interest-driven curriculum which is interdisciplinary in composition and which allows students to learn through embodied learning, game play, discovery and research as well as designing and making;

An education that is deeply experiential at its core and which works largely through inquiry and collaboration;

An education that redefines the borders of the classroom and school through its approach, its new anatomy of language and its physical structure.


Redesigning Education for the
Future in the 21st Century

We shall curate our own teaching content within the structure of Rallim’s own leading edge framework for learning: Redesigning Education for the Future for the 21st Century commonly referred to as REF21. This framework is thoughtfully developed in line with an enhanced national curriculum employing strategies of customised and innovative learning methods as well as a willingness to transcend traditional academic boundaries thereby creating deeper learning experiences and individualised pathways to success for the students.

Modern Learning Environment

We aim to redesign education by acknowledging the unique competencies and capacities of children through an engaging programme whereby we honour a broad range of learning styles and in which we nurture a keen intellect, a sense of curiosity and wonder, and a passion for learning which will be achieved by:

  • Visual redesign: Flexible learning hubs, hubs of excellence, personalised learning hub
  • Auditory redesign: New anatomy of language and the renaming of subjects
  • Pedagogical redesign: Transformative approach and model

The Approach

Several approaches will be utilised and underpinning these strategies will be a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach.

  • Pre-Preparatory/Pre-Primary: Reggio Emilio
  • Preparatory/Primary: Socratic, inquiry-based, embodied learning
  • Secondary: Phenomenon-based

Personalised Teaching and Learning

A personalised approach to teaching and learning will take place with:

  • Brain-based teaching
  • Accelerate & Reteach programmes
  • Master classes
  • Individualised timetables in the Senior Preparatory

Technological Bias

A focused technological approach to teaching and learning will be adopted utilising the following strategies:

  • Compulsory coding
  • Games-based teaching and learning
  • Flipped classroom methodology
  • Augmented reality and virtual learning environments



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